Data Science Workshops

Below is a curated selection of data science examples. These are being added and improved on a daily basis.

I have organised workshops in sections to help you quickly browse to workshops that you might be interested in. The are also ordered according to the approximate level of expertise. For example, beginner subjects are at the top of the sections, advanced workshops are at the bottom.

You will also notice that some of the workshops have no link. These are members-only workshops that are accessible by purchasing a subscription.

All workshops can be viewed in full online, but I recommend that you download the accompanying Jupyter Notebook to run the code yourself. See the workshop about Jupyter Notebooks to learn how to use these Notebooks.

Automated Testing

All of these workshops are tested automatically by my continuous delivery pipeline. All workshops are guaranteed to work. The only caveat is that some of these workshops require external Python libraries. You can see these listed in the imports. Most workshops require at least Numpy, Pandas and SKLearn.