Paid Section Closed

The Paid section is now closed. Unfortunately, I did not receive enough traction to make this project viable. Thank you for your interest.

Benefits of Joining

Thank you for your interest in joining. Use the form above to sign up and start receiving all the benefits of membership. By joining you will get access to the following.

Online Training

You will receive full access to all of my live data science training courses and materials, presented as recorded videos and docker-based workshops.

This is a full 100 hour course that covers everything from basic statistics all the way up to deep learning. Below are just some of the topics covered in the full training:

  • How data science fits within a business context
  • Data science processes and language
  • Information and uncertainty
  • Types of learning
  • Segmentation
  • Modelling
  • Overfitting and generalisation
  • Holdout and validation techniques
  • Optimisation and simple data processing
  • Linear regression
  • Classification and clustering
  • Feature engineering
  • Numerical and visual model evaluation
  • Introduction and application of statistics in data science
  • Further experience with real-life messy data
  • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
  • Use of intermediate-level machine learning algorithms: boosting, LDA/QDA, Gaussian processes, ARIMA models, Affinity propagation, Mean-Shift and Spectral Clustering
  • Introduction to tooling, testing and deployment
  • An in-depth practical example demonstrating the day’s concepts
  • Text feature engineering
  • Text mining, representation and learning
  • Neural networks
  • Deep belief networks
  • Stacked denoising autoencoders
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Semi-supervised machine learning
  • Ensemble methods

Plus a range of large, open-ended examples demonstrating all the concepts learned.

Access to All Workshops

A subscription will provide you with access to all current and future data science workshops. As you can see from the free workshops these cover a wide range of data science topics. You can gain practical experience by learning from these individually, but they also link directly to the training videos.

You will also receive a free commercial license that allows you to use any code in your personal or commercial projects.

In Depth White Papers and Practical Tips

You will have access to all current and upcoming titles in the Tips & Tricks section. These provide practical overviews on a range of topics that don’t fit within the training. For example there are a range of book reviews to help you find further learning material, white papers to direct your critical decisions and answers to some of the most common data science questions.

Group Consultancy

Finally, you will receive a direct email address to Winder Research, a professional Data Science Consultancy. We will help you solve specific problems and spend time developing both actionable tasks and provide bespoke examples which may be distributed to the rest of the group.