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Unfortunately this website is no longer viable. I have therefore decided to close this website down.

Over the next few months I will be migrating this content to my main website, If you would like find out when that will happen and how you can benefit, the please sign up below.

Why I Created Training Data Science

Hi there. My name's Phil and I'm an Engineer at heart. Like you, I like to build things that work.

And you're probably interested in data science, but you don't know where to start. I totally empathise with you here; Data Science can seem ridiculously vast at times.

I'm here to help you overcome that. If you're an Engineer you've probably an expert in one field already. It's not that hard to add Data Science to your tool belt, but you'll need some guidance to point you in the right direction. That's what I'm here for.

This site is dedicated to teaching Engineers about Data Science. I do that by providing software-focused examples. I think practical workshops that show you how, not tell you how, are a better way to learn. A best of all, these workshops work! All of my workshops are automatically tested to ensure they will also work for you.

I wanted to create a place where people could learn data science without the hype. This is for people that want to learn data science through practice but also need the rigor of a full online training course when guided workshops are no longer enough

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Tips, ideas, walk through and guidance on data science. Once a month you will receive a free email discussing some of the hottest trends in data science. You'll also receive selected articles and tutorials to help you learn data science.

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Monthly workshops investigating some of the most interesting aspects of data science. Plus free access to my back catalogue of free workshops.

Free Training

Limited access to members-only data science training course. You will be able to view selected videos from my in-person intensive data science training course.

Greater Benefits

Learning Data Science is fun, but I'm not going to say it's easy. It's not. The sheer breadth of knowledge that is required to take a Data Science project into production is bewildering.

But that does not mean that it's impossible. I created this site to help people like you learn data science at their own pace. My in-person training courses have shown me that practical workshops and offline content really does help people to learn data science.

This is why I have a created a full selection of training material available in a members only section of the site.

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Informative Emails

Tips, ideas, walk through and guidance on data science. Multiple times a week you will receive insights and practical examples of data science.

Full access to the back catalogue of articles, tips and worksheets all categorised and tagged to help you find the information that you need now.
Full access to the online version of my Data Science for Developers training course. This alone has a value of £1600.
Group Consulting
Got a problem? All subscribers have access to an email address where you can obtain free advice. Each week we choose some of these questions to present to the group.
Workshops and Code
Full access to all projects and source code and permission for use in your personal portfolios. Improve your chances of employment by showing that you have practical experience.

One on One

Learning Data Science is great. But sometimes it makes more sense to have the experts help direct you. It will save you money and you will produce results quicker. Winder Research provides a range of options from Development, Consultancy and Training to help you succeed with your project.


We provide bespoke data science solutions to small to medium sized companies around the world. We only work with two businesses at a time and we currently have a waiting list. Get in touch now to avoid disappointment.

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We deliver a range of public and private training around Europe. See where we are next.
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We have access to some of the top minds in data science. Our team and partners can scale to suit any problem.
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